Based in Switzerland, NameTactic sells and promotes quality domain names.

On this website (launched in January 2009), a selection of domain names from our portfolio are offered for sale.

Our goal is not to make available a huge number of names, but to focus on some topics and some areas. You are welcome to explore our « For Sale » section.

Name Tactic est un service suisse de promotion et de vente de noms de domaine de qualité.

Vous trouverez sur ce site (actif depuis janvier 2009) une sélection de noms de domaine de notre portfeuille, que nous proposons aux acheteurs intéressés.

Nous ne visons pas à offrir un grand nombre de noms, mais nous mettons l’accent sur certains sujets et certaines zones. Nous vous invitons à explorer notre section « A vendre ».

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"Think only short, 1-word domain names sell? Not even close." Uniregistry Brokerage Boasts Impressive 2016-2018 Sales - Uniregistry Blog

Always a good reminder, in case there are still people trusting such passwords: I Hope Your Password Isn’t On The List Of 100 Worst Passwords Of 2018 via @purevpncom

The Russian government has ordered a partial block of ProtonMail, preventing some Russian mail servers from reaching us. We have managed to restore services at this time. More information about the block and our recommendations can be found here:

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