If I buy a name from NameTactic, how much will it cost?

The prices we expect for selling our domain names can be very different from one to another. Some of them are coveted domain names, costing much more than a newly-registered domain name. Every year, a number of domain names are sold for hundreds of thousands dollars. Every week, you ca see domains sold on marketplaces for tens of thousands or thousands of dollars. In case you are curious to know, please check a website where you can find the latest available data on domain sales (remember that some of the highest sales are never published). During the second week of January 2009  (at the time those FAQs were originally written) BoutiqueHotel.com was sold for US $ 40,000, Slots.eu for € 24,000, CaptchaCreator.com for US $ 30,000, 360.org for US $25,500. Those are only a few instances of sales as they can be found every week. (And remember January 2009 was a period of rather low sales…)

Fortunately, you will be able to find on this website many domain names sold at much cheaper prices! Moreover, most of them are sold at fixed prices, for amounts in the US $ 1,000 to US $ 9,000 range.