The price you expect is too high!

Well, it depends very much of what you intend to do with the domain name? What is your project, what do you intend to develop through the use of the domain name? Seen from such an angle, your view might change. There is no absolute measure of the value of a domain name. In some cases, companies have paid hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a single domain name. But most of them are sold at much cheaper prices.

Before accepting or rejecting a price, think: what will the name bring to your image? to your communication strategy? to your business project? How much time will you need for a return on that investment? If your take all those parameters into account, your assessment of the value of a specific domain name will be adequate.

Remember: in some cases, a domain name is pivotal to a communication campaign, or to the very existence and image of a company. And this does not only apply to for profit companies, but also to a variety of non profit initiatives.